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Pediatric Optometry

baby 20in 20red 20glasses80% of all that children learn comes through the sense of vision. Children should receive there first complete eye exam at age 3, or sooner if problems are observed.

Special techniques are used to safeguard the visual health of children at VisionPro EyeCare & Belleville Vision Center.

Our caring staff makes the visit not-so-scary and we use special kid-friendly instruments to gather critical data without having to ask judgment questions like “which is better, 1 or 2?”.

Pediatric Optometrist Near Me

We test binocular vision functions and eye coordination, which relate to visual skills used in learning.

Our Belleville & Canton optometrists only prescribe glasses when they are truly necessary, and we dispense high-quality frames and lenses with kid-tough guarantees. We fit contact lenses for children and teenagers, and teach them how to handle them safely.