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Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At Belleville Canton Optometry, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our optometrists provide the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

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From our offices in Belleville and Canton, Belleville Canton Optometry serves patients from Plymouth, Wayne, Westland, Romulus, Ypsilanti and surrounding areas of Michigan- schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.

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What Exactly Is a Black Eye?

Got a Shiner?  A black eye, also known as a periorbital hematoma, is usually not an 
injury of the actual eye (which is why it is called “periorbital”- around the eye).

It’s National Cataract Awareness Month

According to the World Health Organization, cataracts are responsible for 51% of cases of blindness worldwide – although this blindness is preventable with treatment.

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